Our Student Base

Students at Cornwall Alternative School come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. Many of our students come from inner-city or community schools, although this is not always the case. Often our students have experienced trauma throughout their lives which makes it difficult for them to attend school and successfully engage on a daily basis.

Many students at our school are currently in the care of the Ministry of Social Services or have a history of being in the foster care system. These experiences can make it difficult for them to prioritize school by the time they begin attending between grades 7-10. A number of our students also struggle with addictions challenges, as well as involvement in criminal behaviour which creates further barriers to success at school.

Our students often have a negative perception of school and it takes time to rebuild these thought processes as we attempt to make school engaging and enjoyable.

Students often report feeling as though Cornwall is a family-type environment because of the small nature of our school and the lengths our staff are willing to go to accommodate the students. Unfortunately students attending our school have been labelled as ‘bad kids’ or even label themselves this way, but we’ve seen clearly that all of our students have tremendous ability and strength when they are given an opportunity to be vulnerable and show their true character.

Student Referrals

Cornwall Alternative School accepts students from both the Regina Public and Regina Catholic Schools, while also taking referrals from other sources. Students are referred to our program for a variety of reasons including attendance, behaviour and school work.

Refer a Student

91% of our current student population identify as Indigenous

100% of our students had achieved credits and performance below grade level in previous school experiences

100% experienced long term school interruptions before Cornwall

80% had been suspended or expelled in previous schools

95% presented diagnosed mental health and learning challenges

50% have justice histories

95% reported as low-income families

25% of students are in the care of the province of Saskatchewan

“Before I came to this school I skipped a lot, got sent to the office, and used lots of drugs and alcohol. Coming to this school has helped me out a lot. Because of this school I feel like I can actually finish high school. This school has changed my life for the best. I have so many great memories from this school and happy that I got sent here :)”

– Grade 9 Student

Indigenous Education

Indigenous Education

Approximately 85% of students enrolled at Cornwall Alternative School are Indigenous.

As a result, Cornwall has a focus on the unique needs of Indigenous students. Cornwall recognizes and supports the Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action in regards to Indigenous Education. Our school employs Elders, who regularly attend the school to meet with our students and provide opportunity for traditional teachings, smudging and tipi building activities.