Grade 7/8 Class

For students needing 1 to 1 support and meeting complex needs by individualized programming.

Grade 8/9 Class

For students who may have significant attendance gaps and intensively supports the transition to high school.

Grade 9 Class

For students in grade 9 to begin prepping for credit-based courses.

Grade 10 Class

For students needing a small classroom ratio to obtain credits towards graduation.

Last year, our Grade 10 program issued 60 out of a possible 82 credits.

We promoted 25 students to their next grade level inside Cornwall Alternative.

26% of students returned to a mainstream school.


CAS after school programming  includes basketball with a focus on teamwork, communication and skills. Pease email or contact if you are interested in Exhibition games or 3on3.

“If you quit once it becomes a habit. Never quit!”

– Michael Jordan

Counselling Progam

Cornwall Alternative School has two counselors whose role is to support the students within our school. Our counselors provide one-to-one support for students who may be struggling with mental health challenges or simply having a bad day. Our counselors also help to facilitate a weekly life skills group with our grades 7-9. Currently, Staff are continuously engaging in PD to meet the changing needs of our students.

Outreach Progam

Cornwall Alternative School has an outreach program that assists in transitioning students back to a regular school setting after leaving our program. Our Outreach Worker assists with finding an appropriate school for a student to return to, as our program only goes up until grade 10. Additionally, our Outreach Worker maintains a connection with students once they’ve enrolled at a new school to provide ongoing support to ensure that they can be successful in working towards completing their Grade 12. The Outreach Worker also aims to support families of students and hosts a Family Night every month to build connections between families and Cornwall programming.

Following Their Voices

Education that promotes accelerated learning for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students where learning is joyful, culture is affirmed and students are given real choice for their future.

“You need to listen to their culture, their belief system and you will understand . . . then you can help the students. Before that you can’t help them ‘cause they don’t understand you and your culture and most times your language. Listen, learn and understand.”

Mary Lee, Cree Elder

“I love Cornwall School because it gives kids second chances and allows students, who may be struggling in the mainstream, an opportunity to experience an alternative education that is student-centred. Every one of these students can succeed, they just need the chance.”

– Rob Nixon, Cornwall Alternative Outreach Worker

Attendance & Behaviour Incentive Programs

At Cornwall Alternative School we recognize the fact that many of our students have a number of barriers that make it difficult for them to attend school. We provide a couple of unique incentives for students to encourage and reward them when they are able to achieve their goals:

  • 30 Day Award
  • PLOT (Positive Learning Outings Together)

100% of our students had attendance improvements after they enrolled in Cornwall, which led to 100% of our students increasing core subject area performance.

30 Day Award

If a student is able to successfully attend 30 school days in a row while also maintaining positive behaviour and consistently completing their work, they are rewarded with a “shopping spree” worth $100. This shopping trip is meant to purchase them clothing, shoes and other necessities and rewards them for their attendance, work and behaviour.

PLOT (Positive Learning Outings Together)

PLOT is a program in which we monitor students work, attendance and behaviour over two week blocks. Throughout that time students are expected to attend over 80% of the time, while again maintaining positive behaviour and consistently completing their work. For all students in grades 7-9 that achieve this, they are taken on an outing or excursion for the Friday afternoon of the second week of the block. Some of the activities that students have participated in are trips to the Matrix, bowling, Laser Quest and scavenger hunts at Wascana Trails.

Nutrition Program

Cornwall Alternative School benefits from a Nutrition Program that allows opportunities for our students to have regular meals while attending school.

Cornwall employs a full-time cook that regularly prepares and delivers nutritious and delicious hot lunches for our students. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to take left-overs home to share with their family as we know food security can be a challenge for our students. Students are also provided with a number of healthy options for breakfast when they come in the morning as well as snacks throughout the day if needed.


Cornwall Alternative School benefits from a Nutrition Program

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